Our History: Top Mildura Heritage Tours

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Exploring History: Top Mildura Heritage Tours

Mildura, a beautiful and vibrant town nestled in the northwest corner of Victoria, Australia, is well-known for its lush vineyards, scenic riverside beauty, and most captivatingly, its rich historical tapestry. For history buffs and curious travelers alike, delving into Mildura's past isn't just a walk through time—it's an immersive experience. To truly connect with the heritage of this unique region, embarking on a heritage tour is a must. Here, we explore the top Mildura heritage tours that offer a gateway into the town's fascinating history.

Mildura Historical Society Walking Tour

The Mildura Historical Society conducts insightful walking tours that serve as an excellent introduction to Mildura's historical landscape. Led by knowledgeable local historians, these tours cover significant landmarks within the town's original township. Highlights include the Chaffey Bridge, which plays a crucial role in the region's irrigation story, and the grandiose Rio Vista House, which once belonged to the Chaffey brothers, founders of Mildura. It's an engaging way to understand the visionaries behind Mildura's development and the architectural marvels of the era.

Mildura's PS Melbourne River Cruise

No visit to Mildura is complete without experiencing the majestic Murray River, and what better way to do it than aboard the historic PS Melbourne? This paddle steamer, operational since 1912, offers a unique perspective on the region’s history from the water. Commentary from the captain enriches the journey, shedding light on historical points of interest along the riverbank, including tales of early settlers and the steamboat era's pivotal role in Mildura's growth. The PS Melbourne cruise combines natural beauty with historical narratives, creating an unforgettable experience.

Lock 11 & Mildura Weir Heritage Walk

For those seeking to delve deeper into the engineering feats that transformed Mildura into a flourishing oasis, the Lock 11 and Mildura Weir Heritage Walk is enlightening. This self-guided tour along the river introduces visitors to the critical role irrigation played in the region's agricultural success. Informational signs along the path detail the construction and operation of Lock 11, one of the first locks on the Murray River, and the Mildura Weir, which is pivotal in controlling water levels for irrigation. It's a fascinating look at the ingenuity that shaped the landscape and supported Mildura's growth.

Old Mildura Homestead

The Old Mildura Homestead offers another layer of insight into Mildura’s past. As the original site of Mildura's first sheep station and home to the town's founding Chaffey brothers, this historical complex transports visitors back to the 19th century. The homestead has been meticulously restored to reflect its original condition, complete with period furnishings. Exploring the homestead and its surrounding buildings, including a woolshed and cookhouse, provides a tangible connection to the daily lives and challenges of Mildura's early inhabitants.


Through these heritage tours, Mildura reveals the breadth and depth of its history, from its indigenous roots through to colonial settlement and beyond. Each tour offers its own unique narrative, enabling visitors to piece together the complex tapestry that makes up the region's past. Whether it's the architectural grandeur of the Chaffey period, the pioneering spirit of its early settlers, or the innovative developments in agriculture and irrigation, Mildura's heritage tours enrich and enlighten, making them an essential component of any visit to this historically-rich town.

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